Rejection…its part of life.

Lets start off with today its currently 7:21pm date 8/3/2013 and well boys and girls I was dancing and I was thinking back to how i started dancing and it was that feeling of rejection. Rejection from society…being a little diffrent than the norm. The first time I saw my first dance was…the iconic shuffle,my friend josh had this video on his facebook page and i was like…whoah….this is fucking awesome! I wanted to do it,show off, so i started learning how to do it,i would do it at home in times of need due to stress,depression,anger and feeling out of place. This was in the year of 2009…its 2013, 4 years of this dance and i’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve gotten into jumpstyle,hardstyle,melbourne,bboy,cwalking,rebolation and i want to dance it all! But the reason why i’m speaking of this is because well all my life i’ve been rejected,but when i dance people accept me for the way i move and groove,its a mystical thing…to correlate how this is brought into my life….rejection…I accept it…its my motivation. Today it hit me,I just got rejected by this girl I really like. Yeah i’m angry,confused,sad,depressed,but im gonna use this rejection to improve myself. I’m not gonna let it bring me down…all my life i have been rejected by beautiful,beauuuutiful women and its ridiculous that girls dont know what the fuck they want…but everyday I promise myself when i see them again there gonna regret ever rejecting me.

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